About Me

Hello! My name is Ann. Welcome to my site!

After a career sabbatical to raise my children, I am re-entering the workforce in the field of Data Analytics. While I was on sabbatical, I immersed myself in photography, calligraphy, apparel print design, journaling and events planning (you can check out a few of my projects here). Through this, I developed a great aesthetic and attention to detail. I also have a degree in Computer Science. Combining my background plus adding artistry to it was the direction I want to go.

This is my online niche... a place where I take the mundane and make it extraordinary. Data is everywhere and they are usually boring - a bunch of plain numbers and words. My goal is to interpret that data into something more visually appealing and easier to understand.

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  1. hi ann! i'm the editor of click and i saw a photo you took of the magazine on IG and loved it! Can you please message me back? We'd love to feature the image in a Click promo if you are open to the idea?