Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Proof and Cooper

This year's criteria for a pumpkin patch was: "nice potty"! Last year we took the kids to Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls. We had been going there for about three years. They had a lot of fun until my then three year old needed to use the bathroom. Of course there was no bathroom so we had to use the porta potty. Of all the fun they had, this was the ONE thing she remembered! As soon as I mentioned we were going to the "pumpkin patch like last year", she started complaining that she "hated their potty!" I refused to deal with fussy toddler after driving such a long distance so we opted for somewhere nearer and had a good bathroom!

So here is Proof and Cooper. It is located only 30 minutes away AND it was actually a restaurant - therefore, "nice potty"! Located on Hamilton Pool Road, this little gem had a little pumpkin patch on its backyard. They had indoor and outdoor seating and served alcohol so off we went!

They serve lunch, dinner, brunch, beer and cocktails. I ordered the homemade fried chicken (old-school Texas recipe dredged and fried in-house. Crispy, spicy and slightly-sweet crunch). It came with biscuit that was drizzled with sweet honey, and I chose the house salad for my side dish. The chicken was delicious but my favorite was the biscuit! It was moist and the honey just made it even more scrumptious. The house salad however could have been better. It was just plain greens and some tomatoes and the basil vinaigrette that I selected was dry and tasted old.

My kids ordered just regular cheese burgers with fries. They didn't have a healthier side option like fruit or veggies. It was either fries or potato chips. 

My husband ordered Chicken Fried Steak with sautéed greens (kale) and mashed potatoes. It was great! Our order took quite some time, about 20 minutes. They were so hungry by the time our food arrived, I didn't get a chance to take photos of their meals! 

We then head out to the back for the pumpkin patch.

There was a magician up on stage when we got there, which the kids enjoyed. He was probably around 12 or 13 years old and I must say he was pretty entertaining. Hootie the Magician was his name. Then a band played right after. I'm not a country music fan, but they got some people up and dancing.

They had games for prizes to the side which cost $1 per ticket. Most games required at least two tickets.


There was a small area to pet some animals. The younger one did not want to try it.

Overall, the place was great! The pumpkin patch was a little smaller than I expected but we found our pumpkin to carve and some pumpkins for the husband's yearly pumpkin pie. The activities are geared toward smaller children though. This would be a nice go-to place for those who do not want to drive out too far to enjoy a pumpkin patch. Or for those who have kids who are very particular about having clean bathrooms! :)

By the way, the four year old did not even use the bathroom once the whole time we were there! Oh well! :)

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