Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Little Details

She loves to draw and/or make something everyday. When her little sister is still asleep in the morning, she heads straight to her desk and does this. At the end of the day, this area is a complete mess. Crayons and markers everywhere. Small pieces of paper scattered on her desk and on the floor. I am currently teaching her how to fix these after she is done. Sometimes it is a struggle but there are times where she willingly does so. I continue to remind myself that she will never be this small again.

This little one loves to look at the pictures. Sometimes she pretends to read the words like her big sister does. She describes the pictures using baby talk, and everyday her vocabulary continues to increase. Her current favorite book is Go Dog, Go! By P.D. Eastman.

And then there are the days where these little toes are reaching for things that are not supposed to be reached. The little toes on the left was reaching for a glass half filled with water. When she got hold of it, she then put her little hand right inside and started laughing. The little toes on the right was reaching for tape (the kind used for gift wrapping). She wanted some because she was making a little "book". These two are definitely my daily entertainment.

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