Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Turning One

So much for trying to blog more often this year... where did the time go?? My little girl just turned one today. I can still remember every single detail leading up to her birth.

We celebrated her birthday last Saturday with a few friends and relatives. It's always nice to celebrate the first year. Here are the details of her party.

I designed her cake and had it made by Polkadots Cupcake Factory. They never fail to give me the perfect looking and tasting cake!

A different table was set up for the cups, plates and utensils. Mason jars were used to hold the forks, paper straws and flowers. I made it a little bit more personal by adding a chalkboard sign pinned on a tack board with a few information about her and a picture on the side.

The party was from 3-5pm so I just wanted to serve snack food to the guests. We ordered Jimmy Johns sandwiches (which was a big hit by the way, their food is awesome!), I made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the kids shaped as a flower (for some reason they tasted better that way), I also made Mint Macarons in pink and green to match the party theme, grape kabobs, pineapple chunks, potato chips and mini cheesecake w/ apricot glaze (courtesy of a friend of mine).

This birthday sign was made out of scrapbook paper and placed in a 12x12 frame. Hobby Lobby always has great weekly deals so I got the frame at 50% off.

The party favors were customized per child. She had guests ranging from 1 to 10 yrs old. Their names were printed out and glued to the back. The bags are made out of sandwich bags. Using a scallop punch i made the top a little bit more fancy... and then closed it with green and white twine. I also tied a balloon to each bag for the kids to take home with them. By doing so, it made the room a bit more festive.

This backdrop was solely made out of scrapbook paper (from hobby lobby with a 40%off coupon). I added doilies and buttons on some of them. It is very easy to make, just time consuming. I purposely chose pink, green and yellow as the theme so I can hang this in their room. :)

It is always stressful planning a party. But the celebrant was happy... the guests were happy... and that's all that really matters. :)

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