Thursday, April 19, 2012


I have been in a rut lately. I need motivation to get my photography cells going. I am going to make an effort to bring my camera more often when I am out and about. There. That is why this blog has not been updated for a while.

We went out for dinner last week for a change. If you live in Austin, you may know this place. If you are visiting or live here and haven't tried it, I would recommend it. The Soleil is located right beside a very popular tourist spot - The Oasis. They are ALWAYS full on weekends especially for dinner. It is a great place to watch the sunset, however I am not exactly fond of their food. We ended up in Soleil on one of those crowded days. Good thing we did because it is now one of my favorite places. The ambience has a beach kind of feel to it. Just perfect with a lake view and the sunset.

They have developed the area which now includes a variety of gift shops, restaurants, coffee shops and the like. This is one of the shops, intriguing name for a candy and chocolate store. :)



While waiting for our meal...


Our dinner was awesome. From the appetizer to the main course to the dessert.

Our appetizer: Seared Sea Scallops


Beef Short Rib with sauteed spinach (which had a sweet taste that I really liked), and caramelized leek mashed potatoes. The meat just fell off the bone. What else can I say?? :)


Mushroom Fusilli with tomatoes, leeks, tarragon, fontina & marsala pesto.


I can't believe I forgot to take a picture of the dessert! We had the red velvet brownie sundae. And yes it was good!

The famous Oasis.



A Texan's Map of the United States.


And there she is, my little girl. Yummy dinner = happy toddler.


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